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The 50-Year Reunion Committee

50-Year Reunion Committee

Under the leadership of Gary Roebuck and Sy Goldman, the May 2012 Reunion commemorated our 50 years since graduating from our beloved Stuyvesant High School.

The Committee members, listed at the bottom, have been steadfast in their attendance, support, and work on behalf of this reunion.

Gary has again spear-headed the search for classmates, to make sure as many as possible knew about the reunion. Also, with some effort, Gary arranged for the Saturday afternoon visit and tour of the new Stuyvesant.

Sy was tireless in nailing down every detail of the reunion. Special thanks to his wife, Sondra, for much assistance with details and layout of written communications.

Dan Turner led a sub-committee to make innumerable phone calls encouraging attendance. He has also taken responsibility for finances as Treasurer.

Mike Marmor helped us secure The Water Club venue, a premier location. He also arranged special rates at two local hotels (see “Accommodations” page on this website.)

John Anselmo went back to da neighborhood and made S.P.Q.R. an offer, just like he did for the 45-year reunion. See his recent book about growing up on the tough streets of Little Italy:

Jay Gottlieb created the final mailing, to make sure we reached as many classmates as possible.

Alan Dombrow is responsible for all of the photography on this website and on the mailing. Because of him we have a picture record of our reunions.

Harry Malakoff is a SHSAA Board member and has hosted LEC meetings for many years. He helped us secure the Old Stuyvesant Auditorium for many reunions.

Ken Ligot has again designed and manufactured a special memento for this reunion. See what he created for our 35th on the “Indicator” page.

Steve Wallach and Stan Mandell have been providing design and technical support for emailings and the website.

And special thanks for Henry Grossberg and Katherine Bendo of the SHSAA. Their help and support has been unwavering and invaluable.


The Committee

John Anselmo    Alan Dombrow   

Sy Goldman    Jay Gottlieb   

Ron Gutterson    Ken Ligot 

Mark Lubetkin  Harry Malakoff    

Stan Mandell   Michael Marmor    

Gary Roebuck  Arthur Schack      

Andrij Szul   Tom Trevor    

Dan Turner    Steve Wallach


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