LEC 1986 – 2012



The LEC at the 40-Year Reunion; (LtoR) JayGottlieb; BurtGordon; SyGoldman; PhilRadomsky; GeorgeGregor; JerrySpitz; AndrijSzul; BarryLevine; RonGutterson; GaryRoebuck; BernieHeller; JohnAnselmo; JoelWittman; FredBrosowsky; BobBourne

The LEC  was the motor of reunion planning and execution for almost 26 years. The group of classmates was loud, obnoxious, vehement, passionate, and ultimately quite effective. At the end of this section there are some excerpts from their nearly monthly meetings, penned by a sly and clever “Anonymous Recording Secretary.”

Like with our original Stuyvesant experience, these devoted classmates traveled to meetings in Manhattan from far flung boroughs, and beyond (from New Joisey and Rockland and Nassau Counties.) They schmoozed and noshed and debated and decried, but ultimately they delivered– reunion after reunion, with class and efficiency (well, maybe not so efficient; but they have a good time.)

“As this was Mike Marmor’s first LEC

meeting, the usual initiation procedures took

place. The meeting began after the girls left 

and the donkey was loaded on the truck…”

For many years the LEC met at the offices of Price Waterhouse, under the gracious largesse of Bob Bourne. Since Bob retired, Harry Malakoff, a long-time Board member of the SHSAA, generously put up with this raucous horde at his place. And a special shout-out to Don Nussbaum, who managed the finances of the prior reunions. Much thanks to Bob and Harry and Don.

The leader and organizer of the LEC was Gary Roebuck. Tireless, relentlessly inclusive and welcoming in finding classmates and in recruiting classmates to the LEC, and uncanny in his timing and overall vision, Gary has provided the heartbeat and soul in good times and lulls. He has arranged “mini”-reunions in cities around the country, uniting classmates in these enjoyable special events. And, he and Cindy have generously hosted LEC parties at their home. He was given recognition of his invaluable contributions on the occasion of the 40-year reunion, when the LEC presented him with a genuine Stuyvesant letter jacket, to replace his lost 40-year-old jacket he earned with the rifle team.

LEC honoring Gary’s work, 40-year Reunion

Finally, a quiz about the LEC. What do the LEC initials stand for:

A) “Leg of Excellent Cellulose”

2) “Loewenthal, Effron, Cavellero”

c) “Locating Every Classmate”

IV) “Local Events Committee”

6) none of the above

The jacket: Bernie Heller, FreddieB, Gary Roebuck, Don Nussbaum




John Anselmo  Artie Aptowitz  Bob Bourne  

Fred Brosowsky  Alan Dombrow  Ed Feinberg  

Sy Goldman  Jay Gottlieb  George Gregor  

Ron Gutterson  Bernie Heller  Barry Levine  

Mark Lubetkin  Harry Malakoff  Michael Marmor

Donald Nussbaum Phil Radomsky  Gary Roebuck  

Arthur Schack  Mark Scher  Rick Silverblatt  

Andrij Szul  Joel Wittman


LEC members/wives at SPQR, 45-year Reunion


LEC MINUTES (some excerpts)

August 29, 2007: The 102nd consecutive meeting of the SHS Class of “62 Local Events Committee took place on August 29, 2007 at the home of our class real estate broker, Harry Malakoff. Also attending were: Gary Roebuck; Jay Gottlieb; John Anselmo, Bernie Heller; Arthur Schack; Barry Levine; Fred Brosowsky; Ron Gutterson; Anthony Gambino; Mark Scher; George Gregor; Alan Dombrow; and, after too long an absence, Andrij Szul. Jay Gottlieb graciously catered the meeting with pizza and sandwiches, which he shlepped in from Scarsdale at a cost of $8 per head, including Jay’s tip.

The reunion entertainment committee reported that Elton John was unavailable for the reunion, having previously committed to the Shmulowitz bar mitzvah that weekend at Leonard’s of Great Neck. However, it has been reported that payments for the Reunion events have been pouring in from our classmates. Please do not delay, as seating is limited! Send your checks to Donald Nussbaum before you get “shut out”. Among those reported attending are: Richard Pearl; Jesse Rabinowitz; Stan Mandell; Fidel Nabor; Bill Motzer; Eric Rabkin; George Aprile; James Brust; Richard Rabinowitz; Peter Brown; Jack Shulman; Steven Wallach; Stephen Shestakofsky; Eliot Jacobs; Alan Dorkin; Richard Paolini; Steven Green: and, Bob Pierson.

“Due to the recently reported link between

the use of Viagra and hearing loss, the

meeting was held using a bullhorn.”

Alan Dombrow announced that he has a new address but refused to reveal it. A new award for most hair will be presented at the reunion. Barry Levine has already purchased a can of Noxon to shine the plaque while most of the others are using the Noxon to shine their heads.

Bobby Colomby & Neil Bookman, c 1962

It has been suggested that our classmates take turns delivering educational lectures at future LEC meetings in order to enable the attendees to take tax deductions for attending. While we are seeking an opinion from our tax counsel, it is believed that we can take deductions for our travel to and from the meeting and for food, beverage and entertainment. Harry Malakoff can more than likely deduct a pro-rata portion of his rent. The scheduled lecture for the next meeting is Gary Roebuck on orthodontic molar positioning.

We are saddened to report that our classmate, Neil Bookman, has passed away. Our thoughts are with Neil’s family. A classmate has shared with us his fond remembrance of the time Neil stepped to the foul line in a basketball game and, before taking his shot, took a hairbrush out of his back pocket and calmly brushed his hair. Neil’s wife, Karen, was kind enough to tell us that whenever Neil was asked where he went to school, he always mentioned Stuyvesant first, before his MBA credentials.


July 25, 2007: The 101st consecutive meeting of the SHS Class of “62 Local Events Committee took place on July 25, 2007 at the home of our class real estate broker, Harry Malakoff, who hungrily attended the meeting after missing the last one.

Andrij Szul, Keith Schaefer & George Gregor

April 27th, 2011: The 119th consecutive meeting of the Stuyvesant High School Class of ’62 Local Events Committee was successfully held on April 27th, 2011 at Harry Malakoff’s magnificent penthouse apartment high above the streets of Chelsea. Thank you Harry! Present at our meeting were: Bernie Heller; Sy Goldman; Harry Malakoff; Barry Levine; John Anselmo; Ron Gutterson; Mark Lubetkin; Donald Nussbaum; Mark Scher; Alan Dombrow; Jay Gottlieb; Michael Marmor and Andrij Szul. Pizza was served.

As this was Mike Marmor’s first LEC meeting, the usual initiation procedures took place. The meeting began after the girls left and the donkey was loaded on the truck. Mark Scher, having recently returned from Xian, China, brought us a number of cartons of sumptuous take-out food. Bernie Heller was unanimously elected to represent the Class of ’62 at the royal wedding of Prince William and the lovely Kate. Don’t forget to bring your camera Bernie, and say “hi” to the Queen for us. Barry Levine’s chairing of the meeting in Gary Roebuck’s absence was challenged by a disgruntled Sy Goldman, who is unhappy with the 50th Reunion dates and venues. Sy demanded that Barry produce his birth certificate. Barry deftly parried Sy’s objections by playing “Born in the U.S.A.” by Springsteen. The 50th reunion venue committee is consideringe Nobu, the Japanese restaurant for one of the reunion events, with an extra special discounted price for glow-in-the dark sushi.

SAVE THE DATE! Our 50th Reunion is planned for Friday night, May 4th, 2012 through Sunday, May 6th, 2012. John Anselmo reported on securing SPQR for our Friday night meet, greet and eat dinner event. You may remember that we have been to SPQR for Friday night of our 45th Reunion to rave reviews.

For Saturday morning, Harry Malakoff will attempt to secure the assembly of the Old Stuyvesant High School building for our traditional, popular and innovative “open mike” session where our alumni regale us with their fondest high school memories. Given that our memories are not quite what they used to be, it is anticipated that the “open mike” session will be very brief.

Harry again reported to us about his negotiations with “Harbour Lights” restaurant for our Saturday night prom event. We will take over the entire restaurant, which has a spectacular terrace view of the Brooklyn Bridge – bring your cameras.

The reunion committee is attempting to add a tour of the new Stuyvesant High School building to our reunion week-end activities, but we have been advised that the school administration is not open to the idea. We will continue to pursue the matter. Finally, as we are planning a spring time reunion, perhaps an outdoor event at the estate of one of our alumni is a possibility?

“Bernie Heller was unanimously elected to

represent the Class of ’62 at the royal wedding

of Prince William and the lovely Kate.”

Grand Poobah Gary Roebuck reports having heard from both Warren Safter and Steve Freundlich, who both are planning to attend our 50th Reunion. Steve reports that he is currently spending his second year in Mombasa, Kenya with his wife Barbara.

Best wishes to all. We hope to hold our next meeting sometime in June– if you expect to be in New York City, please let us know.

LEC Zoology Field Trip, 2008

November 17th, 2010: The 117th consecutive meeting of the Stuyvesant High School Class of ’62 Local Events Committee (and the first since January 13th, 2010) was successfully held on November 17th, 2010 at the Ukrainian East Village restaurant. The home of Harry Malakoff is no longer available for our meetings due to our failure to return the dime Harry lost at a previous meeting. By the way, belated congratulations to Harry for successfully brokering the new Fairway Supermarket deal in Pelham. Upon inquiry, Harry said “It’s a lot better than delivering those grocery orders – the tips sucked!” Present at our meeting were: Gary Roebuck; Harry Malakoff; Barry Levine; John Anselmo; Mark Lubetkin; Donald Nussbaum; Joel Wittman; Bernie Heller; and Alan Dombrow. Due to heightened security concerns, fully body scanners were in place at the entrance to the restaurant. Those who refused to walk through the body scanner were subjected to a full body pat-down. Barry Levine opted for the full body pat down three separate times and once again upon leaving the restaurant! As the meeting took place a mere two weeks after Halloween, the members were asked to attend in their Halloween attire. Borscht and pierogies were served. Due to the recently reported link between the use of Viagra and hearing loss, the meeting was held while using a bullhorn.

Plans for our 50th reunion were discussed. Unfortunately, Lutece will not be available on the date we needed it. We are in need of someone with sufficient computer expertise to handle our class lists and news. If you can help, please contact Gary Roebuck. There was also an intense discussion of Medicare coverage plans.

“Sy demanded that Barry produce

his birth certificate. Barry deftly

parried Sy’s objections by playing

‘Born  in the USA’ by Springsteen.”

In our continuing effort to recreate the memories of 1962, you are all requested to send your gym locker combinations to Stan Mandell. (See *** Notes below) Speaking of Stan, his wife Diana has had her fourth letter to the editor of The New York Times published in the edition of January 16, 2010. Upon inquiry, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., the publisher of the Times, insisted that he will get to the bottom of the missed delivery of the newspaper to the Mandell household. Under intensive questioning, the 16 year old delivery boy on the Mandell route, a Bellevue High School junior whose name is being withheld, between sobs admitted that on occasion, he intentionally tossed the newspaper in the bushes due to an inadequate Christmas gift.

We need your help! In preparation for our 50th reunion, the LEC is attempting to recreate our official homeroom classes. Those of you who are reading this are among the 100 most intelligent and handsome graduates of the Class of ’62. We are counting on you to send us the name of your home room official class teacher and the names of your classmates. Please send what you remember of your homeroom classmates and teachers to Stan at sman415@comcast.net. As always, location of missing classmates, news of the current events in your lives and address changes should be sent to Gary at braces1@optonline.net.

Best wishes to all for a happy Thanksgiving holiday! We hope to hold our next meeting in January, at a place to be determined.


My Stuyvesant lock combination was 36-6-32 — truly an hourglass figure — and would you believe that I still have, and use that padlock today!
Les Martin, ’62

On the last day of school in, I believe, my Junior year, I was cleaning out my locker and noticed an empty locker with the door open and a locked padlock hanging on it.  I walked over and just gave the dial a couple of random spins…. and it opened!  I took the padlock home and spoke with Keith Schafer (our resident lock picker).  By careful drilling of a hole in the back of the lock, Keith was able to determine the combination of the lock… it was
36-24-36.  I used that lock in my senior year.       Janius Eyerman ’62    jan.eyerman@usa.ne

Please pass along to Stan that my locker combination was 36-24-36.     Art Heyderman

The other amazing thing is that almost all of the locker combinations sent me were the same, or very close: 36-24-36. There was a also small percentage which sent: 38-24-36. Go figure. Editor, Stan Mandell

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