Website Contributors

Stan Mandell

Stan is creator and current editor of our website, Contact him with updates, corrections, posts and ideas at

Gary Roebuck (in memoriam)

Gary was the heartbeat of all of our reunions. He created and painstakingly updates our Class List. Gary has been relentless in his search for our classmates and has encouraged their participation. And he was the driving force behind the website and recruitment of webmasters.

Steve Wallach

Steve is the current webmaster and technical guru. Problem? Steve solves it. Steve has also created and updated the invaluable “Attendees” page for this website.

Alan Dombrow

The photos on our website were taken by our accomplished photographer Alan. He has created the alumni photo nametags and guest name tags. Alan is also our class reliquarian. No one has been able to figure out what this means.


We hope you will contribute memories, stories, photographs, memorabilia, corrections, homeroom information, and comments.


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