60-Year Reunion Photos

60-Year Reunion Photo Gallery
Saturday & Sunday, June 11 & 12, 2022

Saturday Evening Cocktail Party, June 11, 2022
Hyatt Union Square, Library of Distilled Spirits

I really enjoyed the reunion and reconnecting with so many classmates. I just wanted to thank you and the committee for the enormous amount of volunteer work that went into this successful event. Thanks for making this happen for all of us to experience. – Barry Cohen

Thank you again for working so hard to make our 60th a successful reunion. Having organized events myself in the past I know how much work is involved, most of it not apparent to casual observers. – Ken Grossberg

Sunday Morning Open-Mic, June 12, 2022
Old Stuyvesant Auditorium & Zoom

Please forward this note to the appropriate email list. I send good wishes as I raise a glass and toast all my classmates and those teachers at Stuyvesant who made my life possible and even those that made my life impossible at that time. Enjoy the 60th reunion weekend. Here’s hoping that we can maintain good health and spirit in the coming years. – Peter Georgopulos

It was nice seeing you and I would like to thank you and the others who did such a good job in planning and orchestrating the SHS 60th reunion. – George Model

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Cocktail Party Photo Gallery

Kudos again for pulling together an excellent reunion under difficult circumstances. Thanks, again, for allowing us to attend the open mic session on Zoom. I am hopeful that someday soon I’ll be able to belatedly submit something for the 60th Reunion Book. I am happy to have secured a copy but disappointed in myself for not submitting my info for publication. Thanks for the opportunity to make up for my failure. Finally, thanks for agreeing to try to set up Zoom meetings for our class. That’s a lot of thanks. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all that you and your colleagues have done and continue to do to keep “our strong band” together. – Steve Shestakofsky

Thanks to all you guys for your efforts in putting together the reunion, the Zoom call and the 60 Years Later book. I regret that I was not able to attend in person, but the Zoom call was a great way to participate. There were some terrific personal stories. I hope to see you all in-person for the 65 year event (or whenever). – Ron Grabe

Not only was it fun to get involved but it was great to get to know so many of this group even better than I did 60+ years ago! Thanks to all. – Mike Kwatinetz

Open Mic Photo Gallery

Thanks for the reunion. Well thought out and well executed. And the book is even better! Any chance I could get another copy? – George Aprile

I just received my reunion book and it was great to read everyone’s memories — they reminded me of more of my own. And I discovered two classmates who live near me in California — interesting guys who I should have stayed in touch with! – Peter Persoff

I received my copy of Our Strong Band yesterday. I enjoyed reading it. Great editing job!! – Joe Catanzaro

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