Gary Roebuck ’62 Memorial Scholarship

In honor of our leader, Gary Roebuck

When we elected to leave the safety of our friends and neighborhoods and venture out to Stuyvesant, we all took a considerable risk, traveling daily up to 90 minutes each way, to be with great teachers, tackle an enriched and advanced curriculum, and be around a special group of curious, ambitious, talented, and striving young adolescents. Our classes, our teams and clubs, and, most of all, our classmates, provided us with a trove of memories and launched us into a world of opportunities.

Many of us want to show our gratitude. We will be doing so by making a contribution to help the next generation of striving and capable Stuyvesant graduates fulfill their potential. Financial help to those from less advantaged circumstances can make a big difference by reducing financial stress and enhancing academic opportunities.

We have created the Class of ’62 College Scholarship Fund, designed to help worthy Stuyvesant grads (based primarily upon academics, financial need, and community service) in their pursuit of higher education. We invite you to join Our Strong Band in donating to this new scholarship fund. All contributions will be made to the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association and will be anonymous unless you wish otherwise. All donations will be a part of a total Class of ’62 Scholarship Fund.

We have also decided to name that scholarship in honor of our longtime leader, Gary Roebuck, who brought us back together for five reunions over 25 years. You can donate by clicking here or on the button below.

Gary embodied the spirit of Our Strong Band. He was fully devoted in his efforts to bring our classmates together, leading the creation of five major class reunions and countless mini-reunions around the country. He was tireless in updating our class database, making it his and our mission to find and welcome every one of ours. In 1986, he assembled our first organizing committee, the LEC, and led monthly meeting from the 1980s through 2012, our 50-year reunion. A recurrence of his leukemia in 2016 ended the life of our warm and welcoming “short, stout whirling dervish” of a classmate with the “tenacity of a pit bull.”

Please be as generous as your circumstances allow and join the rest of the Class of ’62 in honoring Gary and our Class of ’62

Or, consider contributing to our Class of 1962 Scholarship Fund honoring someone inspiring in your life, using the same or other criteria. One of our classmates has already set up a generous scholarship in honor of his mother. Either way, it counts towards the class contribution. You can donate by clicking here or on the button below.

If you have any questions at all about the SHS scholarship program, the selection criteria, setting up a dedicated fund of your own, or any other related questions, please feel free to contact classmates Harry Malakoff ( or Ron Gutterson ( who have been engaged in these programs for more than a decade.